Tuesday, September 19, 2006

AVP IDRC- International Development and Resource Committee

A nonviolent society where everyone lives in peace and dignity
Gather and provide resources to the AVP community to reach and sustain its full potential for peace and nonviolence worldwide
The Name
AVP International Development and Resource Committee - IDRC
To reflect purpose- Development, Resource, Support, Funding
Raise funds, Mentoring and support, Communication, Training and localised training materials, Quality Support, New initiatives, Ensure sustainability
FLAT Structure – Consensus decisions
Committee of Committees -Representatives from each committee comprise the Committee of Committees
Regional committee
Comprises representatives from geographical regions
To bring regional concerns
To share wisdom from local experience
Internal networking
Volunteer members- Chiemeka Iyke , Natalie Hewison, Rothwell George,Teresa Tyson, Ann Ward, Malesi Kinaro, Kwok Wai Han, Vicky Festus, Rawi O’Brien
Communication committee
Facilitate incoming communication
Technical & dissemination
Volunteer members- Alan Taplow, Gerard (Geg) Blitz, Kumbirai Muzhanye, Enas Osman Saleh, Sbu Shange, Bheena Sewarain, Alan Saleh, Shamala Joseph, Alla Sororka
New Initiatives committee
Initiate and support geographical and other new ventures
Volunteer members- Jeremy Routledge, Marie Odendaal, Alla Sororka, George Walumoli, Betty Atieno
Public Relations and Marketing committee
Publicity and advocacy
Media support
Web-site content and links
Volunteer members- Grace Kiconco, Corlette Nxumalo, Bengs Nkosi, Janet Ifedha
Strategic planning committee
Initiate the process and pass the baton
Maintain and adapt the process as needed
Volunteer members- Colin Glen, Siobhan Walshe John Shuford, John Michaelis, Moses Monday, Judith Salgado, Marina Lyubogradov, Peter Maji, Ramola Tiwari
Networking and Partnering committee
Establish and maintain links with organisations that have similar objectives
Establish and maintain strategic partnerships
Volunteer members- David Jobson, Jenny Hartland, Brenda Sturrock, Hezron Masitsa, Rosemary Makoae, Nokuthula Mbete
Finance and Funding committee
Set up policies, systems and procedures for accountability
Fund raising
Volunteer members- Corlette Nxumalo, Debby Wood, Rubye Braye, Nancy Shippen, David Bacura, Anele Nunu, Eileen Hart Wings
Legal Structure (temporary) committee
Temporary committee to create legal entity for fundraising
Volunteer members- Gerard (Geg) Blitz, David Jobson
Education and Training committee
Support localised manuals and other materials
Quality Support
Facilitator exchange
Volunteer members
Risikat Omola Yusuf, Giri Sequoya, Rodney Petersen, Marie Odendaal, Arthur Charlton, Adrien Niyangabo, Anele Nunu, Getry Agizah Pauline Mitchel, Gift Dube, Jeremie Bavuga, Bill Waters, Kumalo Landile, Mlu Dywili

Suggestions from the floor at the 2006 AVP annual conference
  1. High profile patrons will be sought.
  2. The existing regional and country coordinators will be recognised in the regional committee.
  3. The strategic planning committee will find experienced coordinators for each committee. Hopefully there will be a co-coordinators in training. Each committee will be as open as possible with the understanding that there is an education and development mandate for each committee. This will be modelled on the use of co-facilitators in AVP training.
  4. Jeremy Routledge will develop the QPN- Africa AVP proposal in consultation with others who have been involves to present to the strategy and fundraising committees by the end of September.
  5. The IDRC will be report to the International conference which will remain the highest decision making body. The issues of the constitution and governance will be addressed by the legal committee.
  6. Committees will not necessarily meet face to face and will communicate electronically


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